5 ways to learn to enjoy life when everything is falling apart

1. Treat yourself regularly

What have I done today for myself, for my pleasure? Do I enjoy life, or do I have no time? Do I enjoy regularly or only on vacation? Ask yourself these questions. In a difficult life situation, it is more important than ever to nourish yourself with positive emotions. Yes, it is also necessary to give yourself time to be sad. But this should not become the norm.

Scheduling time for yourself and enjoying yourself on a regular basis is an integral part of being a happy person. Say that you do not have free time for this – work, study, children, and so on? Let’s all admit that these are all excuses!

Living in the “from Friday to Friday” mode, postponing each time a pleasant pastime exclusively for the weekend is also not an option. Learn to enjoy every day, especially on weekdays, of which there are 247 a year! And if now the word “everyday” is rather negative – think about it, what’s wrong? Why are 67% of my days negative? And most importantly, what can I do to fix it? Take responsibility for your pleasure. One of my students wrote to me that daily 20-minute workouts have become her best habit in life. Thus, she not only keeps her body in good shape, but also receives sincere pleasure from these activities. Every day.

A few more simple examples of how to please yourself every day: read an interesting book, walk before bed, watch movies, cook delicious breakfasts, do exercises, go to the gym, go to the sauna, lie in a bubble bath, sleep during the day, go for a massage and much more .

Everyone has their own list – write down the activities you like on a piece of paper and introduce them into your life.

2. Give thanks

Treating yourself and others with gratitude is an easy way to notice the good things in your life. Keep a gratitude journal and at the end of the day write down everything you were grateful for. For example, to yourself – for a completed workout or read the pages of a new book, to others – for help in work or for a pleasant compliment. I’m sure everyone has a reason. If you don’t feel like starting a notebook, you can say thanks in your mind at the end of the day, lying in bed. This will help not only to realize the joy of the day, but also create a favorable mood before going to bed.

3. Sports – endorphins

“Movement is life!”. And this is not just a quote from an ancient Greek thinker, but a great life hack on how to make yourself feel better. How does this happen? Regular training organizes, gives energy, strengthens the body. Why strength appears, and most importantly – endorphin is produced, the very hormone of joy!

And it is important not just to go in for sports, but to fall in love with this process and make it a habit so that the body itself requires activity on an ongoing basis. This will improve overall well-being, give a fresh blush, increase self-organization. In addition, strength and tone will appear in the body, sleep will become healthier. And most importantly, there will be a sense of satisfaction from what is already being achieved.

To love physical activity, choose an activity you like. If grueling workouts in the gym leave you devastated, choose a different format. For example, swimming, yoga or fitness at home. Review of one of my students: “Olya, always, every day did both exercises, and cardio, and, of course, the training itself. Just 30 minutes a day! I liked this format from the realization that before these 30 minutes I could only flip through the news feed, lying on the couch. And now during this time I make my body better and better!”

4. Joy is in food

Food is the fastest source of joy. When we are tired – what do we do to get endorphins? We run to the refrigerator or eat candy. Our body feels the need for this, as it perceives meals as taking care of itself.

And here it is important to strike a balance. Psychologists often talk about eating disorders (eating disorder) against the background of jamming problems. Uncontrolled and excessive eating can indeed cause health problems. And in order not to harm your body, you need to eat in a balanced way – according to the principle of a healthy plate, which consists of 50% vegetables, fruits and herbs, 25% protein and 25% carbohydrates. Also, I do not advise counting calories daily and sitting on strict diets. Once I heard a story that later became the main principle of my eating behavior:

Dialogue between mother and daughter:

– Mom, do you eat what is tastier at the beginning or at the end?

— Hmm, in the end, to enjoy the taste.

– And I – at first, but I don’t eat tasteless at all.

Indeed, we increasingly began to turn food from a source of joy into a source of stress for our body, choosing tasteless. Even a happy person can be spoiled by this mood, not to mention those who are prone to sadness and sadness from external situations. Therefore, I advise my students to eat not only healthy, but also tasty, in order to maintain an energy balance.

And observe moderation in the amount eaten – do not overeat and do not starve, but focus on the feeling of satiety.

5. Visiting a psychologist

If you have tried all of the above, and it did not lead to a result, you should seek the help of a psychologist. In some life situations, consultation with a competent specialist is necessary, especially when a person cannot cope with anxiety and sadness on his own. And remember: “To yourself – gently”, that’s my main motto!