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Welcome to Write On Southwest, the page for authors writing about Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah; the page for authors who have lived in these places, and whose writing is influenced by the experience; the page for people living in these places now, and writing about other things.

My name is Connie Gotsch. Iíve chosen the theme Write On Southwest for this page because when I came to the Southwest, I discovered two things. I found the traditions we think of when we think of the Southwest: cowboys, Indians, artists, chili peppers, Hispanic culture, and open space. I also found traditions from a million other places and people that the post World War II migration to the Southwest has brought.

There are many radio and TV programs, and book pages that spotlight the first tradition. There should be. Itís a fine one. But I wanted to explore the second. Sometimes, it is very influenced by the first, and sometimes it is not. So my Write On Southwest reviews will come from several sources: authors living in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado but writing about a wide range of subjects; authors living in those states and writing about them; and authors influenced by these locations.

Just who am I that makes me think I can review books?
First I am, and always have been, an avid reader.
Second, Iíve been an arts journalist for the past 20 years and have analyzed paintings, plays, books, operas, and concerts of all kinds for readers and radio listeners.
Third, I have written two novels, the award-winning A MOUTH FULL OF SHELL, in print-on-demand or e-format, and SNAP ME A FUTURE, in e-format.

As a journalist, my object has never been to criticize in terms of saying "thatís good, go read/see/hear/look," or "thatís awful. Donít bother." Rather, I like to tell people what they will encounter if they visit a gallery, theater, or concert hall. I will try to take the same approach with the reviews I do for Write On Southwest. I am not going to rate books with stars or flames. If an author does something particularly well, Iíll mention it. If thereís a problem someplace, Iíll mention that too. But my intent is to give anyone reading what I right enough information to let them decide if they want to read the book I offer.

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How might an author get on Write On Southwest?
ē First, he or she needs to fit the categories of writers that define this page.
ē Second, he or she should contact me at the public radio station where I work, KSJE-FM, Farmington, New Mexico.

I produce a weekly half-hour show called Write On Four Corners. Authors submit books to an editorial committee for consideration. If the works are accepted, the author and I do a half-hour interview, and they appear on the show. It is from this pool that I will choose the books I review for this page. I will probably do one a month. Since the show goes on once a week, authors who make it onto the show will have one chance in 12 of making it onto this page. KSJE accepts all genres of fiction, nonfiction and poetry. We accept traditionally-published authors, self-published writers, print-on-demand writers, and e-book writers. We love hearing from all cultures.
KSJE does not take any writing that perpetuates hate. We do not do erotica. We ask that subject presentation be maximum PG-13, because we broadcast to a conservative audience. Controversial subjects are welcome, provided they are tastefully presented, and allow room for countervailing opinions.

Please contact me by e-mail at: Please donít call, because KSJE is a small operation and it is hard for the staff to handle a large volume of telephone messages for one person.

To find out more about me, browse around Banyon Publishing. Jay has made a nice page for authors at: You can also go to my web site at:

Read my book reviews...
To check out KSJe-FM, go to: and with Media Player click on listen live.

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