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By: Tony VanSluytman

Sometime in 1375 B.C., the Eighteenth Dynasty, when Egypt became a world power for the first time, a young Pharaoh ascended the throne. He called himself Amenhotep IV. His wife was Nefertiti. Up to that time the pharaohs were considered the representatives of the ruling god of the time. At that time most societies believed in numerous gods, each god representing a different aspect of nature. The people of Egypt were proud worshippers of the sun. They believed that the bounties of their land and their beautiful color was a clear sign that they were favored by the sun god Amon. However, as stated, Amon was only one of many gods.

At some point during his reign Amenhotep changed his name to Ikhnaton, which indicated that he was the Supreme representative of Aton - the one and only god. Unlike previous gods this god was all powerful and omnipotent, had no form or shape (much like the sun's rays); and the god of all mankind, rather than just of the Egyptian people. Scholars found that Moses was actually, somehow inspired by this Pharaoh and developed what is now known as Judaism based upon these origins.

The Aton project is not affiliated with any religious or philosophic organization. It is a program dedicated to shedding a little "light" - if you will, on our lives. We are all aware of the innovative American way of helping people to help themselves. If this newsletter helps you out of even one problem, it will be worth the effort.

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