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Last year, while driving home from work, I experienced a sudden loss of vision in my right eye. I pulled off the road, stared in my rare-view mirror; blinked; and removed my glasses. Suddenly, in the midst of my confusion it seemed as if a shade slowly went up, and my vision returned. The whole incident could not have lasted for more than a minute or more.There was no headache, weakness or nausea. I simply got back on the road and drove home. When I arrived I rifled through my over-the-counter medical books and looked up "glaucoma" and "cataracts", trying to identify symptoms that were similar to what I experienced but was unsuccessful. I mentioned it to my son the next day as an aside in a conversation. He recommended that I go for an eye exam, which I agreed to do - eventually.

A few days later, the nightime headaches I'd been experiencing for a few weeks grew to the point that I had a staff doctor at my job take my blood pressure. It was 155/115. He ordered me to the E.R. My son met me there. I was placed on some BP medication and ordered to see my PCP the next day. On the way out of the hospital my son mentioned the driving incident to the doctor, which I did not connect to my current circumstances.The doctor informed me that what I experienced was a TIA (transcient ischemic attack) or a mild stroke. I was shocked and, quite frankly, skeptical.Well, the doctor's diagnosis was confirmed by another doctor, my PCP, and several other sources.

It was a wake-up call. I had to stop and take a look at my lifestyle at the time. I was working 6 days a week and getting very little sleep. I had been working a full-time job and commuting to do some private practice and trainings in my "spare-time". I was diagnosed with high blood pressure about 15 years ago and my father died of complications from the disease. However, my father did not start experiencing blood pressure symptoms until he was well into his 70's, and was in relatively good health until he was about 75 years old.I was 53 last year when I experienced my TIA, a phenomenon that is becoming more and more prevalent among many of us these days.

(to be continued)

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