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Effective in 2005...

Sorry, Mr. P will not be accepting any new submissions for review until further notice.

Attention: Mr. P will be accepting reviews from "independent reviewers" wishing to submit their reviews of books for entry under the "Reviews by Mr. P" banner. Final decision to publish said review will be solely at the discretion of Mr. P and all reviews submitted must be accompanied with a statement granting Mr. P permission to publish from the author of said review. Thank you.

NOTE: It is recommended that all "independent reviewers" try to adhere to the submission and review guidelines used by Mr. P, i.e., it will aid in keeping things simply for our readers. If you don't like self-published authors then kindly keep your review to yourself (it will not be published).

Mr. P passed away after a long illness a few years ago and we weren't comfortable replacing him. I did promise him that if I did, I would keep the name, just as long as we made clear who was doing the review.

Very soon we will start posting reviews from "Independent Reviewers," so stay tuned and thank you for your visit.

>>> You can find reviews at: Mr. P's Reviews

- Mr. P's Policies -

WHO IS MR. P? I am a book lover who insist on remaining anonymous in my role as a unbiased book reviewer for two very simple reasons.
First, if certain persons learned that I was actually reviewing books on the side they'd cancel my contract, then I'd have to get a real job; and
Second, the majority of book reviewers in the USA unfairly discriminate against the self published author, often using less than valid reasons for their deplorable behavior.

SUBMISSIONS All submissions must be approved by me before sent. I'd like an email (Email me) indicating the following:
1. Name of your book; 2. Your full Name; 3. Number of pages in the book and whether it is hard or soft cover; 4. Price at which the book will retail; 5. ISBN; 6. When the book was first published; 7. What's the genre; and
8. The number of books you have written (in the order of the newest to oldest publishing date).

TIME SPAN FOR REVIEW You will be notified after I read the first chapter.

TYPE OF REVIEW I provide a review which will encompass three (3) key areas.
1. My opinion of the Name, Cover Design and Page Count; 2. My opinion of the Plot; and
3. My opinion of the book as an entertainment choice.

RATING SYSTEM You should have guessed this one! The "P" system.

PPPPP = Great - Read this one right away - it's a winner by any standard!
PPPP = Very Good - Very entertaining and worth your time.
PPP = Good - Entertaining if you like this genre.

>>> I do not offer a "PP" or "P" rating, since I am not in the business of slamming authors; if I do not accept your book for review or refuse to grade it after I accept it, such action is ONLY my opinion - get a 2nd or 3rd opinion.

If I do not get turned on by your first chapter and/or find the overall condition of the book unacceptable (e.g., poorly bound and/or printed and/or designed), I will pass on reviewing it and offer some free tips as to how you might fix the next edition.

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